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Earth Rod Cable Clamp Brass 70mm²
Earth Rod Cable Clamp Brass 70mm˛
nominal rod size conductor range quantity weight part number
14.2/16 16 - 70 20/pack 71gr RCC-016-070

• Recommended for lightning protection and domestic installations

Universal Clamp

Universal Clamp




vertical & horizontal rod size flat conductor weight part number
14 - 20mm n/a 377gr UCB-050-120
14 - 20mm 30 - 50mm wide 434gr UCB-030-000

• Recommended for industrial earthing installations


Examples - vertical rod to vertical flat and round horizontal conductors:


Universal Clamp examples


accessories part number  
M10 Brass Shear Nut SHN-M10 • Brass shear nuts (available for M16, 36Nm torque ratings)
• Connection 50 x 3mm flat bar to 10mm dia. Copper
Clipping Tool CLT-0503 • Clipping tool crops 50mm flat bar on both sides
JB Clamps in Brass or Copper for Type "T" and "X" Connections
JB Clamps in Brass or Copper
conductor size clamp type bolts quantity part number
8 - 10mm Brass or Copper Copper “U” Bolt 10/pack JBCC-050-070
8 - 10mm Brass Galvanized Steel 10/pack JBCB-050-070
8 - 10mm Brass or Copper Stainless Steel 10/pack JBCS-050-070

• Available with normal or shearing nuts


accessories part number
M8 Brass Shear Nut at ±16Nm. SHN-M8
Fence Earthtail Clamps
Fence Earthtail Clamps
item part number
HC Copper Earthtail Clamp FEC-M16-F1142
Brass Earthtail Clamp FEC-M16-F754


Supplied complete with hot dipped
galvanized nuts and bolts:
1 x M16 x 50mm long hex/head set screw
1 x M16 flat washer
1 x M16 nut


Connection to Fence Post:

Connection to Fence Post

Copper Tape Clips
Copper Tape Clips
tape size length width height weight quantity part number
25 x 3mm 73mm 20mm 8mm 0.04kg 25/pack CTC-025-03
25 x 6mm 73mm 20mm 10mm 0.04kg 25/pack CTC-025-06
50 x 3mm 97mm 20mm 8mm 0.05kg 25/pack CTC-050-03
50 x 6mm 97mm 20mm 10mm 0.05kg 25/pack CTC-050-06

• Comes complete with two nail-in anchors per clamp

• 25 x 3mm and 50 x 3mm standard size available

• 25 x 6mm and 50 x6mm on request only

Square Tape Clamp (Junction Clamp)
Square Tape Clamp (Junction Clamp)
conductor size weight quantity part number
25 x 3mm 0.15kg 10/pack SQC-025-003
50 x 3mm 0.35kg 10/pack SQC-050-003
type size part number
Mild steel
available in all sizes FTS-000
Electroplated steel
Stainless steel
Expansion anchors
Quality Management
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