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PVC Insulated Earth Wire
PVC Insulated Earth Wire
cross-sectional area stranding weight per metre part number
16mm² 7/1.70 0.15kg IEW-016
25mm² 7/2.14 0.23kg IEW-025
35mm² 19/1.33 0.32kg IEW-035
50mm² 19/1.78 0.43kg IEW-050
70mm² 19/2.14 0.62kg IEW-070
95mm² 19/2.52 0.86kg IEW-095
120mm² 31/2.03 1.09kg IEW-120
150mm² 37/2.25 1.33kg IEW-150
185mm² 37/2.52 1.67kg IEW-185


• Lengths on request

Bare Copper Stranded Earth Wire (BCEW)
Bare Copper Stranded Earth Wire (BCEW)
cross-sectional area stranding weight per metre part number
16mm² 7/1.70 0.15kg BSW-016
25mm² 7/2.14 0.23kg BSW-025
35mm² 7/2.52 0.32kg BSW-035
50mm² 19/1.78 0.43kg BSW-050
70mm² 19/2.14 0.62kg BSW-070
95mm² 19/2.52 0.86kg BSW-095
120mm² 37/2.03 1.09kg BSW-120
150mm² 37/2.25 1.33kg BSW-150
185mm² 37/2.52 1.67kg BSW-185


• Lengths on request

Copper Rod
Copper Rod
diameter description weight per metre
10mm diameter/78mm² Solid Copper Rod 0.701kg/metre
Copper Tape Rolls
Copper Tape Rolls
conductor w x t weight per metre coil length part number
20 x 1.2mm 0.27kg 100m STC-020-02
20 x 3mm 0.53kg 100m STC-020-03
25 x 1.5mm 0.33kg 100m STC-025-01
25 x 3mm 0.67kg 100m STC-026-03
30 x 3mm 0.80kg 100m STC-030-03
40 x 3mm 1.06kg ±70m STC-040-03
50 x 3mm 1.33kg 75m STC-050-03


• 25 x 3mm and 50 x 3mm ex Stock

Copper Busbar
Copper Busbar
conductor w x t weight per metre length part number
16 x 3.15mm 0.45kg 4m CBZ-016-03
20 x 3.15mm 0.56kg 4m CBZ-020-03
25 x 3.15mm 0.70kg 4m CBZ-025-03
25 x 5mm 1.12kg 4m CBZ-025-05
25.4 x 6.3mm 1.43kg 4m CBZ-025-06
31.5 x 3.15mm 0.89kg 4m CBZ-031-03
31.5 x 6.3mm 1.77kg 4m CBZ-031-06
40 x 3.15mm 1.13kg 4m CBZ-040-03
40 x 5mm 1.79kg 4m CBZ-040-05
50 x 3.15mm 1.41kg 4m CBZ-050-03
50 x 5mm 2.23kg 4m CBZ-050-05
50 x 6.3mm 2.81kg 4m CBZ-050-06
50 x 10mm 4.47kg 4m CBZ-050-10
80 x 10mm 7.14kg 4m CBZ-080-10
100 x 10mm 9.11kg 4m CBZ-100-12
Plain Copper Braid & Tinned Copper Braid
Plain Copper Braid & Tinned Copper Braid
mm² approx. amps braid size wet part number:
plain copper braid
part number:
tinned copper braid
10mm² 75  11 x 1.5mm  PCB-010  TCB-010 
16mm²  120  15 x 2mm  PCB-016  TCB-016 
25mm²  150  25 x 2mm  PCB-025  TCB-025 
30mm²  180  25 x 2.4mm  PCB-030  TCB-030 
40mm²  220  25 x 3mm  PCB-040  TCB-040 
50mm²  250  30 x 3.5mm  PCB-050  TCB-050 
70mm²  300  30 x 5mm  PCB-070  TCB-070 
100m²  360  40 x 5mm  PCB-100  TCB-100 


• Manufacturing time ± 2 weeks

• Plain or tinned braid

• Termination hole sizes and lengths to be advised

Perforated Copper Bonding Strip
Perforated Copper Bonding Strip
length weight part number
10m rolls  0.45kg PFRC-12-04-10 
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